Frequently Asked Questions

I am often asked questions about my pricing, my photographic vision, the kind of equipment I use etc. etc. So, I've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions that I field each year. I hope this FAQ will answer most of your questions, but if not, please don't hesitate to drop me a line at [email protected].


I have spent the past 20 years working as a full-time media photographer (newspapers, magazines etc), which essentially means that I'm a storyteller. I believe it is my job to tell the story of your day through beautiful visual moments - authentic moments that reveal a narrative of what is likely to be one of the most important days of your lives. I feel strongly that wedding photography should not just be a collection of posed portraits (although strong portraiture is a big part of what I do at your wedding as well).  My experience has given me a significant advantage over other wedding photographers in my opinion. I often tell my students that newspapers are a great training ground for young photographers aspiring to pursue other photographic endeavours. Learning how to tell stories in pictures takes time. But, perhaps most of all it takes practice and repetition - the kind of practice and repetition that can only be obtained when the practitioner is shooting every day. Newspaper and media work is conducive to this type of hectic daily schedule.

Capturing these moments for your family is my ultimate goal, and I'm confident that the images I create will remain as a lasting heirloom for your family for generations to come.


What is your pricing?

Pricing starts at $2,800, and can vary depending on the amount of coverage you want, and the type of packages that you select. I tend to lean towards keeping things simple, and I offer four base packages that covers the range of customer preferences. For a detailed quote on my pricing, please send me a quick email, and I will send you a price list immediately. 


Do I need to make a deposit?

Yes. A $1,000 deposit is required to reserve your date. The balance of the fee is due one week before the day of the wedding. I'll be sure to send you an email reminding you of the payment that is due.


If I cancel, do I get my deposit back?

Unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable. The deposit/retainer is designed to assure you that I will keep that date exclusively for your wedding, but also as insurance for me in the event of a cancellation. When I reserve your wedding day, I turn down any other commissions for that date.


Do you work with a second shooter, or an assistant?

Although I usually work with an assistant, I generally don't work with a second shooter. All the work you see on this website, or in my portfolios, have been created by me. I do believe quite strongly that you should know exactly what you are getting. However, if after consulting with you, it has been determined that I can't sufficiently cover the event effectively on my own, I have plenty of resources in and around the city of Calgary to draw on for a second photographer.


Who edits your work?

I do all of the editing myself, and do not outsource these tasks. Also, when retouching and toning my images, I prefer not to use a bulk / batch editing process. I tone each and every image individually.


Do you arrange for permits for your locations?

No... this is a task that the client is responsible for. There are a few venues around the city that require permits, but there are also several that don't. If you are unsure about a particular venue, or simply require some assistance in finding a suitable venue, please send me an email and I will do my best to help you out.